COVID-19:  A WORD FROM OUR FOUNDER Malta, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Malta


12th May 2020

A few words of love and encouragement from our founder, Helen O'Grady, to all franchisees and their teachers.


Hi Everyone,

So much has changed in the world since last we met in July. We shared an outstanding seminar, wonderful dinners, vibrant photo calls, smaller social catchups and a glittering Gala Dinner! Do you know what I most remember? It is the kindness, warmth, generosity of spirit and friendship that linked us immediately to one another. The strong bonds of caring passionately about something greater than our individual selves.

So too it must be as each of you strives to connect with your students in these challenging times. Alison has told me about the hard work that has been done to adapt the programme to Zoom. Certainly, it is not the same as being in the classroom. However, the message your students are receiving is that you really care about them! You are spreading love, good humour and hope of eventual, ongoing wellbeing.

Children are smart. They are worried about many things right now-as are we all! In times to come, they may not recall the activities done on Zoom but they will always remember your kindness, care and goodwill.

Come September, the Academy will have been operating for 41 years. It will survive this crisis and come out stronger from the other end. This I know because any organisation is only as strong as all of its individual players!

We are strong, generous, focussed, passionate people, linking arms around the world. These strong arms are keeping the doors of the Academy wide open globally, shining light on the pathway to the future!

As always, my love and warmest wishes to you all,



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