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Helen O'Grady Academy Kindy Drama Training

01st February 2011

Margaret Darley, training manager for the internationally acclaimed Helen OGrady academy was in Malta recently to coach teachers in the implementation of the academys popular Kindy Drama programme for children aged three to four years.

The classes are designed specifically to develop those all important verbal communication skills.

The programme allows pre-schoolers to express themselves creatively through movement, story-telling and song, resulting in a unique way for young children to interact in a group and learn about individual roles.

This is achieved through dramatic play, speech training, creative movement, storytelling, song and fun language activities.

Alan Montanaro, principal for Malta, said: We understand that children in this age group are still learning classroom rules and etiquette, social interaction skills within a group, as well as concentration and focusing skills. With this in mind, the high-energy lessons are made up of a number of short dynamic segments.

Classes are held in various locations around the island. For more information, visit

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