On track to setting education record Malta, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Malta

On track to setting education record

27th January 2018

The Helen O’Grady Academy has teamed up with St Edwards College in support of the Eminence Arts and Education’s Right-To-Write initiative, to mark Global Handwriting Awareness Day on January 23.  

This initiative was launched by Managing Director Jaishree Chhabrani of Eminence Arts and Education in India to encourage writing skills across the globe.

“No matter how technologically advanced we are, the importance of good writing skills must not be allowed to die down. No Human Beings can be handicapped of handwriting skills,” she said.   Eminence is all set to hit a global record as it reaches out to every corner of the globe with their vision of promoting handwriting skills.  

Alan Montanaro, Principal of Helen O’Grady Academy explained that when Chhabrani approached him to participate he immediately accepted.

“Communication is central to everything we believe in as an academy”, he said.  “Handwriting is one of the most important methods of communication”.   

Louise Mallia, head of Junior School at St Edwards College applauded this initiative and confirmed that this is something that is very much in line with the college’s ethos.

Malta's participation in this important initiative was lauded by Chhabrani who said

“We are very grateful to Alan and Helen O’Grady Academy in Malta who are working hard to spread this mission far and wide. We are proud and humbly acknowledge the participation of Malta in this worthy social cause” she said.

Click here to see the article on The Times of Malta.

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