Q: What if I pay for a term of lessons and the student decides they don’t want to continue?

Most students take to the lessons straight away because they are so much fun and tap into children’s natural desire to play. We recommend that you encourage your child to attend for at least 5 weeks. This is to give your child the opportunity to make new friends and get accustomed to the new experience. Children who lack confidence particularly need this settling in period. The benefits will be long lasting.

Q: Do the students do a lot of memorisation of lines?

No, our drama classes are very different from other organisations. We do not work for months on repetitive memorisation of lines. This is far too boring!

Q: My child has speech problems, will drama help?

Our classes are designed to develop language. We improvise with speech throughout the lesson and encourage the students to explore what they can do with language. Speech training is a specific part of the lesson dedicated to helping the students to develop clear speech.

Q: Can a student join at any time during the year?

Each lesson is carefully planned. Students can enroll at any time and they will never repeat a lesson regardless of when they enroll.

Q: Can parents come and watch a class before enrolling?

We discourage parents from staying in the class. Participating in a drama lesson is very different from watching. 

We do encourage all students to become actively involved in the lesson to get a real flavour of the experience. Parents leave the students as soon as possible and are invited to watch at our Parents and Friends Days, and our annual production. 

Q: My child is confident at home but quite shy at school. Will drama help?

Definitely! Our classes are designed to increase confidence and self-esteem. Parents and teachers comment on how much more confident the students have become after attending our classes for a term or more. Our teachers are very supportive. They encourage each student to make new friends in warm environment filled with mutual respect. By the end of term two each student will will be ready to perform at our Parent and Friends Day.

Q: Do the students need any special clothing for the class?

No. Just casual clothes that allow your child to move freely. Some children come to lessons straight from school and wear their uniform. We regularly use props and costumes during our lessons but they are items that can be easily located from around the home.

Q: Does my child need any past experience in drama?

Our classes are suitable for children of all abilities and no past experience is necessary.