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Little 'N Large at HOG

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Fees are €100 per term. We are offering a 10% discount to parents who book a full three terms of Little + LARGE in advance.

Little + LARGE has been developed specifically for young children aged 1 and 2, and their mum or dad - the real pre-schoolers.

Classes take place at our premises in Attard.

This unique programme has a wealth of educational activities focusing largely on motor skills, rhythm,  sensory play (with some messy play too), self-exploration, and interaction. With Little + LARGE we want parents to bond with their toddlers in a safe and holistic environment that can only be offered by quality play time.

Themed classes cover a range of activities for the very young including story-telling, song, games, movement, language development and much more. 

Our unique Little + LARGE classes are designed to trigger new ideas to captivate, fascinate and delight these evolving human beings before the pressures of kindergarten (waaaah!).

Fees are €100 per scholastic term. There is a one-time only registration fee of €15 that will never have to be paid again. Fees are all inclusive.

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HQ - Attard
10:00 AM
HQ - Attard
5:30 PM