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Little + LARGE has been developed specifically for young children aged 1 and 2 - the real pre-schoolers - and a grown up

This unique programme will have a wealth of educational activities focusing largely on motor skills, rhythm, sensory play (with some messy play too), self-exploration, and interaction. With Little ‘N LARGE we want parents to bond with their toddlers in a safe and holistic environment that can only be offered by quality play time. Themed classes will cover a range of activities for the very young including story-telling, song, games, movement, language development and much more. 

Our unique Little ‘N LARGE classes are designed to trigger new ideas to captivate, fascinate and delight these evolving human beings before the pressures of kindergarten (waaaah!).

This summer we will be running two development sessions for the discerning toddler and a special grown up person with 4 lessons in July and another 4 in September.  

The cost is just €40 for 1 session (4 Lessons) and €80 for both sessions (8 Lessons). Prices are all-inclusive of materials used.


Our super fun lessons will take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays as follows:

JULY Session




Tuesday @ 4pm

Thursday @ 4pm

Tuesday @ 4pm

Thursday @ 4pm

2nd  July

4th July

3rd September

5th September

9th  July

11th July

10th September

12th September

16th July

18th July

17th September

19th September

23rd July

25th July

24th September

26th September









Note to guardian: Please wear comfortable clothes that do not impede movement and are suitable for some "messy" play.

OFFER: ​Children attending our Little ‘N LARGE Summer Programme will ​be entitled to free registration (€15) when enrolling into our winter programmes (Including Helen O'Grady Kindy)