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Dance is a primal part of the human experience and transcends cultures and time periods like no other art form, so we put our heads together to come up with a programme that works. The benefits it has on participating students is definitely worth understanding. Here are just three:

Physical Development is one of the most obvious benefits as students learn a great range of motion, body and space awareness, balance and coordination, to name just a few.

Social Awareness is another benefit as students learn important social skills such as taking turns, working in groups, cooperation, sharing, understanding space, and watching and supporting each other. 

Emotional Maturity. Like drama, dance is an art form that deals with emotion allowing children the opportunity to express themselves. DEVELOP&DANCE provides a structured outlet for a healthy physical and emotional release that assists emotional maturity.

The DEVELOP&DANCE‚Äč programme has been developed by Ms Emma and Ms Patsy - both qualified dance teachers and both accredited by the Helen O’Grady Academy so we guarantee that, as with everything else, we are offering your children the very best.

Classes run in parallel with the scholastic term and of are one hour per week.

Fees are €100 per scholastic term. There is a one-time-only registration fee of €15 that will never have to be paid again. Fees are all-inclusive.

Classes will take place at our premises in Attard and Zabbar.

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HQ - Attard
5:00 PM
4:30 PM