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The PIN identifies a student in the Helen O' Grady database. If your child doesn't have one yet, please input 0.

We occasionally take pictures in class to use in publicity materials, including our newsletter and website. Please indicate your consent:

This information may include your child’s allergen information or any particular condition, including medical conditions which we may need to know about in order to ensure that your child’s well-being during their time with us.

Please note that the information you provide is considered to fall within a special category of personal data and therefore, we require your explicit consent in order to be able to process such personal data. Please tick the box below in order to indicate your consent. Please note that the form cannot be submitted if you fill in the 'Allergen and other information' box above without indicating your consent.

This information shall solely and exclusively be used in order to ensure health and safety of all persons attending our classes and shall be treated with the appropriate care. We shall not use this information for any other purpose other than to be able to ensure your/your child’s well-being. You hereby assume full responsibility of any consequences resulting from your refusal to provide your consent.

  • Your child's personal data allows us to find the correct class, with an appropriate age group. The information will be entered in our database which will allow teachers to generate registers and fee sheets for each class;
  • The name of the student's school allows us to reassure children that there will be others from their school attending our drama classes;
  • Parent details are necessary so we can stay in touch with you about your child's progress and inform you of anything special going on with the Academy or your child's class - such as parent day notices, progress reports, etc. This is also necessary so that we can contact you, or another named contact, in case of emergency;
  • Special notes informing us of any difficulties or special requirements and/or skills your child may have will allow our teachers to personalise lessons to the benefit all in class;
  • Your consent is required to take pictures of your son or daughter during our classes. These pictures may be used to promote the Academy, included in our newsletters, etc. No other form of identification is ever used with these pictures;
  • All information stored on our database is on a secure server and this is regularly backed up by our source developers. This information is entered, updated and deleted by our offices in Malta. The data is visible to the Management Team at Helen O'Grady Head Office (UK) where it is used for startistics and accounting purposes.