SAM MAKES US PROUD ... AGAIN AND AGAIN! Malta, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Malta


22nd April 2021

Samuel Farrugia does it again!!
Last week Helen O’Grady students embarked on The Labyrinth - a magical journey through an ancient maze where we will be meeting a variety of colourful characters from Greek mythology. Students were asked to create their own avatars with some hilarious characters being created.
Samuel Farrugia wasn’t happy with his drawings so, using his other senses to replace what his eyes can’t see, he took the challenge to a whole new level and sculpted his avatar out of clay instead and Captain Amazing Unicorn was born.
Samuel continues to impress and inspire as someone who has turned his vision impairment around – he has already written his first book and has starred in Panto-In-The-Dark to mention just two of his more recent achievement.
Sam has found a home with the Helen O’Grady Academy. And we’re very proud of him.

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